Two New Partnerships to Celebrate

Kampuchea Balopp has grown once again. We’re proud to announce our new partnerships with Anakut Laor (Assistance Fund of Cambodia) and Action Cambodge Handicap.

Both NGOs operate in Phnom Penh and we’re happy to add them to the wonderful network of organizations we work with to provide disadvantaged and disabled children the opportunity to play rugby. For both Anakut Laor and Action Cambodge Handicap work with individuals who’s needs are greater than most, but they are unable to provide physical activities or sports.

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Anakut Laor is an orphanage that supports children with HIV/Aids who do not have parents or whose parents neglect their care. Currently our coaches are working with 12 of their girls just to get a smile on their faces. The first one hour succession was a fantastic success with everyone involved enjoying it and coming away with more than a smile.

Action Cambodge Handicap is our first partner that does work with children but adults. Their mission is to provide assistance finding jobs and socializing to mentally handicapped adults. Kampuchea Balopp was invited to teach everyone rugby which they took to immediately.

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Rugby is once again proving to be a great bridge builder and social equalizer and we hope it continues to be. Check back soon for more information about our latest partners and other developments. Your support is always welcome so visit our Donate page.

Kampuchea Balopp network:
– Action Cambodge Handicap (ACH)
– Anakut Laor
– Cambodge Enfance Developpement (CED)
– Enfants d’Asie Aspeca
– Krousar Thmey
– Pour un Sourire d’Enfant (PSE)
– Soksabay
– Taramana

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