Theary Joins The Team

Over the past few months Kampuchea Balopp increased our coaching team with the addition of Run Theary, who becomes our second full time female coach and educator. Theary started playing rugby in 2009 after being based at ongoing KB NGO partner PSE and was persuaded by her friends to give rugby a go and fell in love with the sport. Like all of our Cambodian coaches, Theary comes from a poor family and has endured a tough upbringing but enjoys the escapism that rugby provides and the opportunity of forging new friendships, team work and the positiveness of the sport to allow her to be more happy.

What has she learned through rugby? 

Theary: I learn to escape from my opponent, and I learn how to tackle. More importantly I learn to face my fears.

Why does she prefer it to other sports?

Theary: Rugby is good because, 1-  the team spirit is very important, 2- we can run a lot and get good exercise from playing the game, and it allows us to feel free, 3 – It’s is a very physical game!

What are her hopes for Cambodian rugby?

Theary: My hope is that one day, a Women’s rugby team will be able to join in an international tournament, outside of Cambodia.

What does she like about what Kampuchea Balopp does?

Theary: I love rugby and I want to spread my passion and my love to the other kids, to give them the opportunity to grow up with rugby. I am proud to be part of KB, because there is not a lot of Khmer coach working in Cambodia.

What has she learned since she has started working with us as a coach/educator?How does she see her role working with the kids?

Theary: I learn about how to be authoritative with kids, and  how to make sure the kids enjoy and improve at the same time. With the kids, sometimes, I feel like a big sister, when they have problems, they can talk to me and I like that.

What is she looking forward to as a coach?

Theary: I am still a new coach and I am learning every day. I hope that one day, I will be as good as Khemrin or Khemara (her coaching colleagues). My personal objective is to develop Women’s rugby in Cambodia

Does she have a favorite team?

Theary: No, cause I never see rugby on TV, I don’t have TV.
What other skills does she have?

Theary: I’ve passed a curriculum of cooking, and I love that. I hope that one day, I can work in a restaurant and being a rugby coach at the same time !

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