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Kampuchea Balopp France Voluntaires

Over the past two weeks, Kampuchea Balopp’s Program Development Manager, Jean-Baptiste Suberbie, was invited by France Volontaires, a French NGO that assists French volunteers finding work in places such as Cambodia, to attend some workshops with four different universities in Phnom Penh to talk about his volunteering work, what brought him to Cambodia and ultimately help establish Kampuchea Balopp in 2013.

Since the establishment of Kampuchea Balopp, France Volontaire has assisted Kampuchea Balopp in connecting with many of our partner NGO’s.

Kampuchea Balopp France Volontaires

JB talking to the students about Kampuchea Balopp

The four universities at which JB gave presentations were the RUPP (Royal University of Phnom Penh), the UHS (University of Health Sciences), the URBA (Université Royale des Beaux Arts), and the RULE ( Royal University of Law and Economic). The aim of presentations was to inform the local Cambodian students about volunteering and how the the opportunities to volunteer are also available to Khmers in other countries and gain invaluable experience.

JB was able to explain to the students about his experiences and that he also decided after his studies to engage himself with a social mission in Cambodia through rugby and youth development which resulted in the formation of Kampuchea Balopp. JB was able to explain in detail what Kampuchea Balopp is doing, why, and how and that as a NGO we need to remain dynamic to achieve our goals.

The presentations were well attended and the students found the talks very interesting and they asked some great questions that any social enterprise will have to deal with; “How do you fund your project?”  , “How do you communicate with kids?”, “How can they try rugby?” and  “What are the difficulties we face?”.

It was a very interesting discussion and a great opportunity to inform the students about the tough realities in Cambodia of allowing kids to have regular access to a structured team sport if you come from a disadvantaged background but it also allowed us to educate the students about the benefits of Youth Development through Sport.

Great work JB and thanks to France Volontaires for the opportunity all the students for attending the presentations!


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