Second Kampuchea Balopp Grassroots Day 2015!

The second Kampuchea Balopp ‘Grassroots Rugby Day’ of 2015 was held on Sunday 22nd March at the new ISPP campus which has fantastic facilities and a beautiful grass field which the kids loved playing on.

The day was well supported by the ISPP Grade 11 and 12 students who acted as volunteers in addition to the Kampuchea staff and other NGO partner supervisors to the over 400 children who attended!

The large playing field at ISPP meant that from 9AM – 11AM Under 9, 11, 13 and 15 rugby activities and games were held simultaneously with all age groups well represented on a hot and sunny morning! The under 13 age group had over ten teams participating so the future bodes well for years to come if the interest and motivation stay in place. All the organisations had team photos before they were mixed into their groups and played social rugby games with and against each other; boys and girls and relentlessly with a smile and grin on their faces. The atmosphere was fantastic as well as the diversity and level of rugby!

Thanks to all the NGO partners and schools for their involvement and promoting gender equality, non discrimination and the involvement of ACH with children with disabilities.

After a big group photo and debrief the day took a break before commencing at 1pm with the Under 18 boys and girls. Teams from ISPP (girls and boys), PSE (girls and boys), Sok Sabay (girls) and Lycee Descartes de Phnom Penh (boys with some Aspeca and Sok Sabay players) were involved in a series of games in the stifling afternoon heat. Once again a massive congratulations to all that played for playing in the right spirit and putting on some great games.

Before the day was done, adult players from the Kampuchea Barbarians and PSE Garudas, mixed players from their teams and played a couple of exhibition games, again promoting the values of solidarity, fair play and respect. The games were great fun and good training preparation as they head to the Indochine Cup in May 2015.

Overall the day was a great success and we look forward to the next event in May!

Thanks to ISPP, Toutes LÉcole, Sok Sabay, PSE, Aspeca, CCF, Lycee Descartes de Phnom Penh, Krousar Thmey, CED, ISF, Mith Samlanh and Taramana for their involvement and support!

Kampuchea Balopp works with more than 18 local NGO and school partners and helps educate and coach hundreds of children, mainly from disadvantaged backgrounds or with disabilities. If you would like to support or sponsors future Kampuchea Balopp Grassroots Days please get in touch

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