Rugby culture class

Last Sunday, the Taraspeca Crabs under15 team, which is going to play the final of the CFR League at the end of this month, participated in their 1st Rugby Culture Class.

Thanks to Thomas Leduc, Taramana NGOs Director, our development team had a chance to use one of the Taramana classroom and projector to make a 40 min rugby lessons for the players. The aim of this classroom session was to show to the kids that Rugby is more than a simple game, it has his own culture, with a rich history and a lot of glorious stars (with a focus on Gareth Edward and Jonah Lomu).

Dul Khemrin, one of our development coaches, told the players about the “invention” of Rugby with William Webb Ellis story, he also explained how the Rugby was establish in Cambodia and make a big focus on the main values that inculcates Rugby.


 The kids are discovering that Rugby comes from Rugby town, in England, and were invented in 1823.


 The universal Rugby value are present in all the level of this sport.


    Some videos of Jonah Lomu and of the most beautiful try since the last twenty years. They loved this part of the classroom !!


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