Reaping the Rewards

Kampuchea Balopp, PSE

This past Sunday saw the finals of the Cambodian domestic  rugby competition. This season, Rugby Sevens was adopted as the core team format and Kampuchea Balopp has been working with, developing and coaching a number of teams with our partner NGO organisations throughout the season. That work paid off as Kampuchea Balopp coached teams took all but one of the junior national titles. ASPECA won both the U9 and U11 finals beating Lycee Descartes 4-0 and 2-1 respectively. PSE beat  ASPECA 2-0 in the U13 decider Taraspeca (Taramana & Aspeca) beat Lycee Descartes 5-0 in the U15s final. PSE won 17-0 vs Lycee Descartes in the women’s final. We are very proud of all the teams that competed in the finals and were crowned national champions and appreciate the efforts of all the children, NGO partners and our coaches who helped achieve this success. Although these crowning glories are fantastic achievements Kampuchea Balopp is not just about wining titles. We use rugby as a tool of youth development and social innovation and this season also saw Sok Sabay play their first competitive games in the women’s competition and Sunday saw the hearing impaired kids of Krousar Thmey overcome obstacles to play their first competitive game too. There were a number of other personal and team achievements from all the children we help coach and develop and we look forward to expanding the program and increasing the participation of youth  rugby  development in Cambodia. For more on the finals day see the Phnom Penh Post article

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