Professional Development and New Partnerships for KB !

To give our Cambodian trainers some facilitated learning opportunities, Graeme McKenzie, an Australian with over twenty years’ experience in primary school and physical education, did an assessment of their training methods.  He observed a number of their sessions and then sat down with them and their supervisor Jean-Baptiste Suberbie, and gave his feedback on their skills and methods and suggested some strategies and areas of improvement.  Overall, he was extremely impressed in a number of areas of their coaching skills, and especially highlighted the respect the students have for their trainers.  He gave them some areas to work on to hone their skills, and set some goals for them to achieve.  Unfortunately for us, Graeme has recently completed his contract in Cambodia and returned to his homeland, but we were very grateful for the time he put in to improving the coaching at KB.




Another area of development that we have had the opportunity to participate in was a Group Management workshop in partnership with the NGO Skateistan.  The workshop was run by Thomas Leduc, a French specialist in teaching, who organised four sessions over four weeks and gave the coaching teams of KB and Skateistan the theoretical concepts relating to group dynamics and the management and leadership of children in groups.  Skateistan and KB will be working together in the future when possible due to the shared aim of youth development through sport of both organisations – KB through rugby, and Skateistan through skateboarding.

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Last but not least, through the French Association Street Athle, a workshop will be held next week for our KB coaching staff that will focus on children, about how they grow, how their motor skills develop, and how strategies can be used to develop their athletic ability.  As our coaching staff are training children of mixed ages, this workshop will provide them with insights into dealing with physical education and how it can be taught for different age groups.

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