Pheary – Breaking Ground for Women’s Rugby in Cambodia

Kampuchea Balopp is proud to announce the appointment of Samcham Pheary as a full time coach this week. After passing her probation, JB Suberbie (Program Development Manager and Coach Trainer) confirmed the great news with Pheary and awarded her the Kampuchea Balopp traditional whistle and watch as a welcome to the coaching team.

Pheary Kampuchea Balopp Rugby CoachPheary is Kampuchea Balopp’s first female coach and as far as we know Cambodia’s first full time rugby coach.  As such, she is integral in promoting rugby as a sport that has much to offer to both males and females.  Pheary’s coaching, encourages both fun and learning. She exemplifies the qualities expected of Kampuchea Balopp staff.

Pheary was born in Phnom Penh and started playing rugby in 2009 at PSE. She plays on the wing and enjoys user her speed and penetrating the defensive line.

Pheary said “I like to play rugby because I can be with my friends. It is also good for my health and fitness. Rugby gives me the opportunity to travel (Kep Camp) and meet new people.  It is important to coach because it brings enjoyment to children who are poor and do not have very many opportunities to play sport. I like to share my skills with them. Coaching is also a way that I can show that rugby is a mixed sport.

Pheary - Kampuchea Balopp Rugby CoachKampuchea Balopp has chosen me to coach the children even though I am a girl. It also values fun and wants to share rugby with

Cambodians. I admire the way that Kampuchea Balopp empowers Khmer people by employing them as coaches. Furthermore, the coaches come from similar backgrounds to the kids allowing them to empathise with the children and ultimately get the best out of them.

Kampuchea Balopp is about more than rugby. It teaches skills that are important for life, like discipline, hard work and cooperation.”

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