A big thank you to Corentin Balmet & Marco Tauleigne (the Union Bordeaux-Bègles player) for organising a KB fundraising tournament at the beautiful Stade Beaulieu in Montelimar! The day was a big success with children’s rugby coaching in the morning followed by a 7-a side mixed touch tournament and finishing with an outdoor barbecue. All proceeds will go directly to support the Kampuchea Balopp program. Thank you to both gentlemen for their great initiative, to the Mairie de Montelimar and to all those who attended and supported the event!19944187_1425066147585444_5087057991487694872_o.jpg

The Good Sport Campaign

KB is running a campaign for 2017 to highlight an important message that our Sports Educators will pass on to the children under the KB program. Areas that are highlighted are gender equality and the eradication of violence as a means to resolve conflict. Todd Smith and Sreymom from Ripple Effect Cambodia spent a day recently training our Sports Educators in how to present the campaign to the children.

More to come on this important KB project!!17388875_1301902403235153_4345810868745266185_o

Interview with Sokno (Krousar Thmey)

SreynoSreyno is a 16 years old deaf girl, studying in Grade 8 at Krousar Thmey special school and in the nearby public school (half day each every day). But above all, she is a sport lover since her childhood. A passion that Krousar Thmey together with Kampuchea Balopp helped to develop through rugby:

“I started playing rugby 3 years ago. I did not know it before, since I used to play football only. Sport has always been a good way to make friends at public school. I have more opportunities to communicate with informal Sign Language than in class. Now, I love playing rugby as much as I used to love playing football. I even stopped playing football to focus on rugby. I truly enjoy the fighting spirit, especially during the scrum”.

Indeed, since October 2015, thanks to Australian Aid and UNICEF Cambodia, Krousar Thmey has been implementing a program to facilitate access to sport for children and youths with visual or hearing impairment. This was made possible by the exclusive partnership existing between KT and Kampuchea Balopp, which started by teaching rugby and athletics to students with disabilities couple of years before.

The goal of this new project is to make sport part of the usual schedule at school for all students, as it is planned by the Ministry of Education. And it now happens. Students from Grade 1 to Grade 12 can join diverse sport classes at KT special schools, thanks to teachers trained by Kampuchea Balopp on sport pedagogy for children with visual or hearing impairment. Eventually, access to sport has an incredible impact on the inclusion of Krousar Thmey pupils.

“My family truly supports me since I started playing rugby. They always want to know when I will play and where I will go. Other friends at public schools also ask me. I truly enjoy playing with other children from other schools and NGOs. Whether I play only with deaf teammates or with hearing teammates doesn’t change that much. We manage to understand each other.”

Sreyno became a living example of inclusion through sport. Even if she enjoys discovering new sports at school, rugby remains her favorite.

“Last month, I went to Thailand to play an Asian rugby tournament. I was the only deaf girl in the Cambodian team. Even if it was sometimes difficult to communicate, I truly enjoyed it. I would do it again. Actually, I even would like to become a professional player. I don’t know if it will be possible, but my teacher at Krousar Thmey helps me to improve. However, for now, I focus on my studies, at least until High School national exam that I will takehopefully in 4years”.^181D389FE334E6C046D81B8E74E3FC1A9CBF0F4061007A722F^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr


The season restarts and we are very happy to announce that Reth Ra, one of our senior Sports Educators, is the new coach of the Under 18 ISPP – International School of Phnom Penh rugby team. They are an enthusiastic group of boys and girls, and Ra will nurture them and ensure they achieve their potential and enjoy their time on the field!



We are very excited to announce the CAMBODIA TENS 2017 edition will take place this year on the 28 & 29 of OCTOBER in Phnom Penh. We welcome again WOMEN’s contact, MEN’s contact and OLD BOYS (+35) contact teams to register to this great social competition 10-a-side. Registration form is available, please contact us at