New Deaf Rugby program

A new Rugby program in one of the Krousar Thmey Deaf kids center!

After Sangtat Nirotth center, in which a rugby activities is being developing since one year by the Cambodian Federation of Rugby, it is now the Phnom Penh Thmey Center which open his gate to Kampuchea Balopp team coaches !

It’s been a little bit more than one month that the deaf kids of this center can taste the joys of the games, thanks to the establishment of a partnership between Krousar Thmey and Kampuchea Balopp.
Every monday morning, from 8am to 10 am, two groups of different ages, come on the field with a big smile to participate to their weekly rugby training. From now, no sport activities was given to the kids, so it is with great pride that our coaching staff is now filling this gap, for the delight of children ..!


Above, under 13 group, bellow, under 15 one.



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