Let’s celebrate the champions

In conjunction with the huge training that organised Kampuchea Balopp last sunday, the Kampuchea Balopp team wanted to celebrate the U15 Taraspeca team victory in the last CFR League Final.

After the kids training, the coach were happy and proud to present and offer to each players who participate in this unforgettable victory, a “t-shirt souvenir”. On the front of the t-shirt is printing the logo of both club, Aspeca Rugby Club, and Taramana Rugby Club; and, on the back is printing: “2013 Taraspeca Rugby U15, Champions of Cambodia !”.

The captain, Vong Kakada, made a small speech to thanks his coach and team mates. he also said to the young kids that he hopes they will have the chance to win a trophy in the future.

On the link below, a fantastic video produced par Jocelyn Dorde, The president of Taramana.



Khemrin, presenting the tshirt to everybody, with Kakada.


The Kampuchea Balopp coach, very proud to give to each player the t-shirt.


After his speech, Kakada received the U15 Champions of Cambodia Trophy.


Taraspeca 1

Photos taken during the trophy ceremony, just after the finals…..an unforgettable moment for all those players.

Photos Credits: Thomas Leduc, Jocelyn Dorde, Gregory Pellechi, and Joe Garrisson (CFR)

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