The Crabs are released!

Sunday February 10: A team is born!
The idea to combine the Under 15 teams of Aspeca and Taramana was originally suggested by Sylvère Barillon. I found it difficult to implement given the long distance between the two NGOs. Finally, with the help of my assistants and persons in charge of extra-curricular activities at both NGOs, we managed to set up two workouts per week. We’ve been going strong since the beginning of December, 2012.
The knowledge and understanding of the game that Aspeca has blends perfectly with the physical qualities of Taramana. Yesterday was the first official match of of the Crabs Taraspeca in the championship organized by the CFR. Result: two convincing victories against the French Lycée and PSE by 5 tries to 1 in the first game and 6 tries to 2 in the second.
End of April, the championship final, the date is checked!
The Crabs of Taraspeca celebrating their two victories. Khemrin, left, and Ra, right, can be proud of the work accomplished since the last two months.
That battle hard in the rucks, fighting to obtain the ball regularly gives the boys a chance for a duel.
At other times, these duels are transformed into beautiful free-for-alls!
Nice tackles by Sret and Tho Men, the two brothers from Aspeca.

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