Kampuchea Balopp wish all the best to The Koupreys 7s !

This morning, two of our Rugby coach officer bring 27 kids from Aspeca orphanage to the Pochentong International Airport. Why ? Just to support and give positive energy to the 12 player, representing Cambodia, who flighted to Bangkok to participate to the Asian 7s tournament.

It was the first time for those kids to see how an airport looks like, and they were very proud an excited to do this wonderful surprise for the Koupreys, the national 7s team.

DUL Khemrin, one of our development officer is part of the squad, and we know that he will do his best to represent Kampuchea Balopp and all the kids who are dreaming, now, to participate in this kind of event when they will be older. VANAK Vireak, the team captain said that the team will do their best to represent Cambodia, and this gift from Kampuchea Balopp and Aspeca will help them during the game. He also told the kids that, if they continue to work hard on the field and at School, one day, they will have the chance to travel and discover the country thanks to rugby.

Here are some pictures !!


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