Kampuchea Balopp (France)

Kampuchea Balopp is now officially registered in France as an association. Our official name there is Kampuchea Balopp (France). In Cambodia we are still in the process of registering.

This is great news for us as it means a number of different things for both the organization and our supporters. For us at the organization, it provides us with a greater level of legitimacy. It also means that we’re required to be more stringent in our standards, bookkeeping and way in which we conduct ourselves. Not that we were ever doing anything bad or poorly before. Now, being held to a higher level will only see us achieve so much more.

For our supporters, those in France at least, it means that any donations given to Kampuchea Balopp are now considered tax deductible. In the immediate future we plan on adding a PayPal donation button to our site and more information about what your gifts enable us to do. So check back soon for more information, and thank you for the support.

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