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Dear friends,

last sunday, the Cambodian Federation of Rugby organised the first official tournament of the 2013/2014 domestic season. From 8am to 5pm, it is 24 teams, divided in 6 differents age group who particpated to this big “Rugby Party”, at Old Stadium.

In Under 11 , French School won their both games, and in under 13,  the kids from Aspeca took the lead by beating Cambodian Children Funds and French School.

In Under 15, PSE and French School share the 1st place chair.

And in the Women and Under 18 categories, French School teams took their part of the cake by winning all their game.

Finally, in the Senior championship, the Khmer Rugby Club won the final against PSE Garudas.

Here are some picture of the tournament !

Credit photo: Jean- Marie Brun

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