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Two weeks ago, we had the chance to welcome the team of Horizon Sport who are making a trip all around the world to help “Youth Development through Sport Associations” by making effective video’s for them to help them spread their message.

Can you tell us a bit more about your project?

HORIZON SPORT is a French based association that aims at helping “Education through sport” NGOs to communicate by producing communication videos adapted to their needs. We do believe in the power of video in their communication strategies. However, for small budget associations, like Kampuchea Balopp, producing such videos is expensive and cannot be a priority. That is why we wanted them to benefit from our skills in videos.

How did you come up with the idea for the project and who funds it?

HORIZON SPORT is a young association, created in 2012. Last year, we met the two co-founders in Paris and we decided to take over the project, but specializing in communication videos. In order to fund the initiative, we found several partners in France. Some of them are foundations involved in “Education Through Sport”, others, private companies, have been seduced by our project. We also raised funds through a crowd-funding campaign.

What do you hope it will achieve?

Our ambition is to help the field of “Education Through Sport” develop in France, by understanding how successful NGOs work overseas. That is why, we also lead a study, started last year by the co-founders, to gather the best practices observed around the world, in a same document. When we are back to France, we will broadcast the study to the main actors of “Education Through Sport” there.

Tell us about the projects you have visited so far around the globe?

So far, we visited Football United, an Australian based association that helps young immigrants to integrate Australian society using Football. After Cambodia, we will visit Myanmar, Kenya, South Africa, Uruguay, Brasil and Colombia.

Tell us about your impressions of Cambodia?

After having just arrived from Australia, we must admit that being in Cambodia was quite … different. There was a huge development gap between Phnom Penh and what we had seen before. However we did appreciate living there for a month. That was the perfect amount of time to understand how Kampuchea Balopp works, and also, to understand the Khmer culture, which was important for us.

What do you think about the Kampuchea Balopp project?

We have been surprised to see how such a young association can have such a big impact, working with several well established NGOs in Phnom Penh, helping hundreds of kids. This is an ambitious program that seems to meet its objectives! We appreciated the fact that the project coordinators want to integrate the Khmers in the project and, in the long run, pass them the baton.

Did anything surprise you about the work we are doing at Kampuchea Balopp?

The work done by Kampuchea Balopp’s staff is amazing. What struck us most was the difference of culture between the European staff and the Khmer staff. This seems to be two different ways of management and each culture has to adapt to each other.

What potential do you believe there is between sports and youth education?

Education through Sport is the core of our project. We think that many projects are successful in developing countries but they could easily be adapted to developed countries. Education through Sport is universal and is not linked with the level of development. That is why we want to visit different associations, understand the way they work, and give food for thoughts for French associations.

Any lasting memories of your time with Kampuchea Balopp?

We had just landed from Sydney when we met Jean-Baptiste (Program Development Manager and co-founder). He brought us to the disabled kids training. The first contact with them was amazing. They were all smiling, teasing each other. We immediately understood how sport was a release for them.

What work did you do with KB and when will people be able to view it?

We have produced three videos. One is a presentation video for Kampuchea Balopp. The two others are thematic videos: one is about disabled kids, the other, about the social inclusion the Kampuchea Balopp organization promotes.

Where do you head after Cambodia?

After Cambodia, we are heading to Myanmar for a month. We are doing a communication video for the Football United Branch there, in partnership with the Red Cross and the Mawlamyine University.

How do you hope people will use the information you have collected and presented on film?

Our goal is that the association with which we are working, use the films to promote on their websites, social networks, etc. . Otherwise, we would consider our project as a failure.
Any Final comments?

Thank you to the staff of Kampuchea Balopp for its warm welcoming. That was such a pleasant stay for us!

To see the first of the three videos, please visit Kampuchea Balopp Youtube and help us share them!

Horizon Sport was also recently featured on the French Sportanddev site

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