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Kampuchea Balopp ANZ Grassroots Rugby

On Sunday 6th April, Kampuchea Balopp held its first Grassroots Rugby Day of 2014. Working with most of its partners and thanks to the contribution of core sponsors ANZ ROYAL as well as Hagar Catering, DKSH and Dubbo Rotary, the event managed to host and cater for more than 200 children who were representing a range of partner NGO’s and the Lycee Rene-Descarte (French School) .

With some unexpected heavy rain the previous evening, it made for a cooler morning and slightly muddier pitch, over 20 volunteers arranged the kids into groups, with each group having a mix of children from the different partners to enable the key emphasis behind the day;  giving the kids the opportunity to make new friends and forge bonds with children of different ages and backgrounds.

What followed was 90 minutes of varying rugby exercises and drills at 12 minute intervals which encouraged the children to have fun, work together and undeniably bring their large smiles to the fore.

As the late morning sun warmed things up, the exercises came to and end and the children were treated to a free lunch supplied by Hagar Catering. At the same time DKSH presented their gift of 15 brand new Castres Olympique Officiel rugby jerseys, the same worn as ambassador and  French international rugby player Brice Dulin to Kampuchea Balopp which were worn by one of the two Under 18 mixed teams made up of players from the Lycee Rene-Descart French School, Taramana, PSE & Aspeca.

We would like thanks all of our volunteers, partner organisations and sponsors (ANZ ROYAL and Dubbo Rotary) for making the day a success. We plan to have our next Grassroots Rugby Day in June and will have a few surprises to announce closer to the time.

For all Press related to the event please see the following links: Phnom Penh Post and Post & Sabay.

If you are interested in sponsoring a Kampuchea Balopp Rugby Day, please get in touch with us

All Photos: Bing Guan

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