Good Men of Rugby Launches

The Good Men of Rugby project for 2013/14 has officially started and this year Kampuchea Balopp is taking part. We’re partnering with the Cambodian Federation of Rugby (CFR) to work on combating domestic violence and promote gender equality through sports. The Good Men Campaign is a series of projects sponsored by the Spanish NGO Paz y Desarrollo (PyD) done in cooperation with the Cambodian government. The entire campaign is about educating and promoting people on six points, which are:

  1. To Take Action To Stop Violence Against Women
  2. To Share Household Chores
  3. To Resolve Problems By Discussion
  4. To Being a Role Model in Promoting Equality Between Men and Women
  5. To Consensual Decision Making
  6. To Treating Males and Females Equally

The idea for the Good Men of Rugby project is that the CFR and KB work with men 15 years and older at high schools and university to promote these six points and use rugby to do so. The thing is that it’s not enough to simply say treat women equally, but to do so. We have to practice what we preach, which is why we’re not just targeting men – even if PyD is only concerned with the statistics regarding men – but working with and including women in our project.

For the Good Men of Rugby project we’re going to eight universities and eight high schools in Phnom Penh over the next year. We’ll return to each school and uni three times to teach them rugby and provide lessons around the six points of the campaign. We’ll also be holding the Respect Tournament in April of next year. To all of these events every student, male and female, will be invited and made welcome. As the project develops we’ll provide more updates so keep checking back, or sign up to the newsletter.

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