Gaulois XV Bring Gifts and Victory

The singapore based Gauloix XV spent a weekend in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in what was their 5th Summer tour and took on a Cambodian Barbarians team and spend a morning helping with the Kampuchea Balopp Grassroots Day (while simultaneously being an active Brice Dulin fan-club on the morning).

On Saturday 28th June, the touring party consisting mainly French expatriate players beat the Cambodian Barbarians 30-10 who put up a good competitive game against the second division Singapore based team. The visitors were visibly the physically larger side but the Cambodian outfit who comprised a mix of players from the the Cambodian clubs, national team and Kampuchea Balopp coaches and staff (Ra, Khemara, JB and Steve) and were coached by visiting French coach Michel Morlass, who has been assisting Kampuchea Balopp for the past month, and managed by national team coach Jerome Alfonsi. The game was played out on cool conditions at the less than perfect field Army field in Russey Keo and played with great spirit!

The game was played in four 20 minute quarters with the Cambodian team arguably the stronger in the 2nd and 4th quarters but the Gaulois XV managed to break the defensive line more often and put points on the board. The latter stages of the game were seen by visiting Kampuchea Balopp ambassador Brice Dulin.

As is becoming tradition for visiting teams to the Kingdom, the Gaulois XV side made a kind donation of kit and funds to Nicolas Olivry, co-founder and Executive Fundraising Manager of Kampuchea Balopp on the Sunday morning as they attended and got involved in the highly successful Kampuchea Balopp Grassroots Rugby Day.

We would like to thank the Gaulois XV for their contribution and to everyone involved in the game and Sundays Grassroots Rugby Day!

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