From Rugby Pitch to Beach Rugby

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Here they are ! proud again to show their trophy on one of the Sihanouk beaches. The full team of Taraspeca who won a couple of weeks ago their 1st national trophy.

Two weeks ago, on the 13rd of July, the Kampuchea Balopp team, helped by Sam Kanha and Sin Savin, two Aspeca facilitators, bring the Taraspeca U15 to the beach. For most of them, it was the first time in their lifes that they could try the taste of the salty water !

Program of the Week end: Beach Rugby, Seafood, and Beach Rugby again !!!

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14- (Copier)Ra, refing one of the game that the boys had during the week end.

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The  coaches participated also into this small beach tournament.

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8- (Copier)On saturday evening, some of the Aspeca player, performed the traditionnal Monkey Dance to the children of the center of Aspeca Sihanouk which accomomodate us during two night.

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