Acceptance Policy

This gift acceptance policy is a written formal set of guidelines for Kampuchea Balopp that broadly defines the types of gifts and donations that the organization can and will accept. Gifts are defined as any good or service provided to Kampuchea Balopp without expectation with regards to their use or reciprocation. Donations are gifts of money, preferably US dollars or Euros, that are given without expectations.

Kampuchea Balopp is willing to accept a gift or donation from any individual, publically or privately, who is not contributing stolen or misappropriated goods or money. By accepting a gift or donation from an individual or group of individuals, Kampuchea Balopp is in no way condoning the actions, opinions, beliefs or membership in any organization of the individual(s).

Gifts and donations from private organizations will be accepted only if they meet the following criteria:

  • Satisfy one or more needs of the organization,
  • Are new and unsullied items,
  • Are not of a particular creed, religion or philosophy, nor are they branded as such,
  • Are not sexually explicit, vulgar, inappropriate or otherwise offensive,
  • Are not dangerous,
  • Are not medications, herbal supplements or other products that are to be consumed that do not provide a scientifically proven benefit,
  • Do not require being resold for Kampuchea Balopp to benefit from the gift/donation,
  • Do not require Kampuchea Balopp to pay for any shipping, tariffs and taxes that may be occurred in transporting the gift to Cambodia,
  • Is not for a particular staff member(s), and
  • Are not classified as illegal in Cambodia.

Kampuchea Balopp will not accept gifts and/or donations from private organizations, unless otherwise agreed by both parties that require the gift or donation be used in a particular manner or for a specific project. Kampuchea Balopp is happy to take suggestions for how an organization would like to see their gift or donation used, but makes no promises that such wishes will be followed. As Kampuchea Balopp is a secular, non-partisan NGO with no agenda beyond the promotion of youth development through rugby, it will not accept gifts or donations that require the promotion of a particular message, nor adapt particular projects that promote a certain message, philosophy or creed.

Any and all gifts and donations will be reviewed by the Core Management Team, which will then disperse them according to the acceptance procedures.