Development Through Sustainability

Last week, Thursday 6th February 2014, Dul Khemrin, one of the Kampuchea Balopps rugby coaches, visited Siem Reap with Pierres Yves Tondeur, the development officer of French partner association Terres en melees. Kampuchea Balop and Terres en Melees formed a partnership about a month ago and Pierre has been actively involved in training the coaches since he arrived from France.

The pair of Khmerin and Pierre visited Siem Reap to run two rugby sessions with two NGO’s based in the famous temple town of Cambodia. The NGO’s “Friends International” and “Ecole du Bayon” were treated to more than a simple rugby initiation session, but also a workshop for all the NGO educators from “Friends International”. The workshop was entitled “How to animate a rugby activity for kids and how to use it as a tool of education”. (Loosely translated from French).

The idea of the workshop was to enable and empower the educators and to provide them the skills to use a sport, in this case, rugby, as a tool for education whilst still letting the kids (and themselves) have fun.

The idea came about when Kampuchea Balopp realised that many of the Khmer educators working in the NGO’s don’t fully know that sport can be used as a tool of education. Instead sport is thought of as a good physical activity that enables the kids to have fun and spend energy, but through sport, a positive message and lessons can be taught and learned which can be provided to the youth through regular training.

It was also the first time in the history of Cambodian rugby that a Khmer coach (Dul Khemrin) was training other Khmers to teach them how to be a rugby educator. Kampuchea Balopp are very proud of Khemrin and this  shows that we are making the Development sustainable.

Kampuchea Balopp would like to thank Terres en Melees for their support in this initiative as well as all of those who participated.

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