Coaches get First Aid Certified

Health and Safety is always a priority and a concern in sports especially when working with children and at Kampuchea Balopp we ensure the children are in the safe hands of our qualified coaches. With our Cambodian coaching team expanding we recently sent our 5 coaches Khemrin, Ra, Khemera, Pheary and Theary on The Cambodian Red Cross First Aid Training Course to receive their refresher or new First Aid Certificates.

The workshop held on the 30th September and 1st October was provided by the Cambodian Red Cross (CRC) which is the largest humanitarian organization in Cambodia. Established in 1955, it is officially recognized by the Royal Government of Cambodia as an auxiliary to the public authorities in humanitarian services toassist those who are most vulnerable. The two day course was held in conjunction with one of Kampuchea Balopps partners the NGO Enfants du Mekong.

First Aid training a necessary requirement for anyone involved in coaching sports and working with children and it was a fantastic team building exercise for the team involved and further empowers our coaches and provides them invaluable skills

The coaches had the following to say:
What did you learn during this workshop? Pheary: I learned the correct actions we should take when a child is injured or feels sick. I also learned how to recognize the signs for when a child doesn’t feel well.

Why it’s important for you to have those skills? Theary: We work every day with a lot of different kids which come from difficult backgrounds and circumstances, so for us, it’s very important to know exactly what to do in case of minor or major problem. Rugby is a contact sport, so there is always a risk of small injuries; with this workshop, I feel more confident if there is any problem.

Why it’s important for you Khemrin to do this workshop again as you did last year ? Khemrin: Yes, I already completed the course last year but during the past 12 months, we didn’t have a lot of problems or injuries with the kids (thankfully), so for me, it was very important to do again, as I realise that its easy to forget some important information for example, how to deal with a unconscious kid. I am very happy to have these skills as I can use them to help the people from my own community too, outside of my work. The card and certificate that the Cambodian Red Cross gave me certifies that I have the skills to help people which makes me proud.

Kampuchea Balopp would like to thank the Cambodian Red Cross and Enfants du Mekong for making this possible.

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