Certified Badasses

Fatured Image: on the left, the coaches are proud to show their Red Cross 1st Aids certificate.

In Kampuchea Balopp, we believe that the sustainability of our program cannot go without the skills development of our coaching team. That is why, for a couple of weeks now, Khemrin, Ra and Longdy have been taking a number of different courses.


The first course they began was English lessons. Though we are a French registered NGO and we work in Cambodia, we’ve felt that it would be best for the organization if everyone was able to communicate in a common language. This should also enable the coaches to take on more roles such as fundraising & donor relations in the future. There are also a number of trainings and certifications they will eventually need, like the higher level coaching certifications from the IRB that cannot be taken in Khmer. So in order to grow in their career they need to improve their skillsets.

 IMG_6700 (Copier)

To work with children, particular ones doing physical activities like rugby, Ra, Khemrin and Longdy need to be more than coaches or even teachers. They need to bastions of strength and support for the children. That support cannot stop when the children have been injured. Which is why all three of them have gained their First Aid & CPR certificates from the Cambodian Red Cross. No matter the situation Kampuchea Balopp’s coaches will be prepared for it.

Compression exercises

Finally, because we are teaching the children a sport, the coaches also have to know how to balance differing demands, to remain fair & impartial. That is why they have been taking referring courses from the Cambodian Federation of Rugby. Completing them will ensure the coaches can always provide a level of support, understanding and fairness that the children can rely on – in and out of the game.

Kampuchea Balopp's coaches during their First Aid & CPR training

The strides Longdy, Khemrin and Ra have taken in the last few weeks without a doubt makes them certified badasses. And they’re only going to get better.

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