Aspeca Youth Rugby Tournament Review

Kampuchea Balopp recently helped Enfants D’Asie (Aspeca) successfully organise their first Cambodian Youth rugby Tournament which was made possible through the funding of the Robert Abdesselam Foundation.

The tournament took place place at the KB-ALL Sports Fields on Sunday 13th July from 7:30-10AM and targeted NGO youth rugby players in the Under9, Under11 and Under13 age groups.

The fun but competitive rugby tournament saw 15 teams and over 150 Cambodian kids from half a dozen NGOs that Kampuchea Balopp works participate on a sunny Sunday morning. With the Kampuchea Balopp coaches (Ra, Khemera and Khemrin) refereeing the 3 simultaneous fields/games and KB coach Pheary & JB (Development Program Manager) coordinating the teams and the games with the NGO volunteers such as Florent Montmeat who kept everyone on time with the use of his stopwatch and megaphone! The 20 games went fantastically well with the teams and players showing exceptional skill and commitment.

The NGOs all had specific coloured t-shirts made for the tournament with the Aspeca, Kampuchea Balopp and the Robert Abdesselam Foundation logos emblazoned on the shirts. Our Home (Yellow), PSE (Dark Blue), ISF (Light Blue), CCF (Red), CED (White), Aspeca (Green), Mith Samlanh (Orange) all played fantastic rugby and had a great time. For many of the children it was their first competitive rugby outing but they never stopped smiling.

The finals results: Aspeca beating CED in the Under 9’s, Aspeca beating CED in the Under 11’s and PSE taking the Under 13 title beating Aspeca.

All the winning teams were awarded trophies at the end of the tournament and all the kids were provided with snacks before a group photo with all the kids and coaches!

We would like to thank all the children, volunteers, coaches and spectators for making this a special inaugural event and we hope it becomes an annual tradition and grow from strength to strength.

For all results you can see the completed table of results below.
Aspeca tournament Results - Web ready

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