ARFU’s Day of Rugby

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Better late than never, here are the photos from the Asian Rugby Football Union’s (AFRU) Day of Rugby hosted here in Phnom Penh. Along with the Cambodian Federation of Rugby (CFR) we were in attendance with all of the children we worked with. These are just some photos of the kids getting a chance to play together in the Old Stadium in Phnom Penh. We’d like to thank DKSH who were our sponsor and provided all of our children with t-shirts. Thank you should also go out to Michelle, Hannah, Anna-Maria and Gavin for volunteering and taking the time to come out on a Sunday morning to work with the 700+ children in attendance. It may have seemed like mayhem and it certainly looked like it but fun was had by all. They also got the opportunity to hear about from the Good Men of Rugby campaign, more of which you’ll hear about later this week. Afterwards, the kids received lunch and then got to watch the Cambodian National Rugby Team defeat Brunei. All in all the kids had a really eventful day and went home excited to play more rugby, but also exhausted in the good sense. And sorry about the delays in posting this. It was shelved while we moved the website to a new hosting service, which required more work than expected.

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