ANZ ROYAL Grassroots Rugby Day

Kampuchea Balopp Rugby Day

Kampuchea Balopp is excited to hold the ANZ Royal Grassroots Rugby Day at the Old Stadium in Phnom Penh on Sunday April 6th 2014.  In order to use rugby as a tool of education and social inclusivity, our partner NGO’s and the Lycee Rene-Descarte (French School) will all provide children to partake in the half day event.

The aim of this grassroots rugby day is to mix the children from all the 12 different NGOs Kampuchea Balopp is working with, and give them the opportunity to make new friends and forge bonds with children of different ages and backgrounds. Hence, they will specifically be put into mixed groups and spend the morning practicing and improving their skills in a dynamic but fun environment. Afterwards they will be provided with lunch (provided by HAGAR Catering) and DKSH has kindly offered to donate one set of brand new rugby jersey to Kampuchea Balopp followed by an exhibition game of two mixed Under 18’s teams.


9.30am                 Group sessions begin – children rotate groups (12 minutes x 8 Activities)

11.06am               End of group sessions & Lunch (provided by HAGAR Catering) is distributed to the children

11.15am                DKSH has  kindly offered to donate a set of brand new rugby jerseys to Kampuchea Balopp and we will have a short presentation and photo opportunity followed by an Exhibition game by the Under 18’s (Two mixed teams made up of players from the French School, Taramana, PSE, Aspeca)

 12.15pm            End of the game

12.20pm             Short speech by Kampuchea Balopp & Handover of jerseys by DKSH followed by Group photo

12.30pm             Children depart

The event is free to attend and watch for anyone interested. We would also like to give a big thank you to our sponsors for the day – ANZ Royal and all of our partner organisations, volunteers and of course the children for taking part.

ANZ Grassroots Rugby Day - Kampuchea Balopp

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