Code of Conduct

What follows is the code of conduct that all Kampuchea Balopp staff and Advisory Board members must agree to and sign. Kampuchea Balopp has made this public in an effort to show how serious we take our jobs and this venture.

Kampuchea Balopp Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct

Staff members and others are responsible for maintaining a professional role with children, which means establishing and maintaining clear professional boundaries that serve to protect everyone from misunderstandings or a violation of the professional relationship. All staff and Advisory Board members should conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their role as a Kampuchea Balopp representative and a positive role model to children.

Kampuchea Balopp has developed a Code of Conduct for working with children to protect children, staff and the organization by providing clear behavioral guidelines and expectations. Kampuchea Balopp condemns all kinds of abuse, discrimination and sexual exploitation and is committed to creating and maintaining an environment which promotes these core values. Abuse occurs when adults or other children hurt children or young people under the age of 18, either physically, emotionally, sexually, through neglect, or in some other way. Sexual abuse occurs if a child or young person is pressured or forced to take part in any kind of sexual activity, whether or not the child is aware of, or consents to, what is happening.

Sexual activity with children is prohibited regardless of the age of majority locally. Mistaken belief in the age of a child is not a defense. Exchange of money, employment, goods or services for sex including sexual favors or other forms of humiliating, degrading or exploitative behavior is prohibited. This includes exchange of assistance that is due beneficiaries. Sexual relationships between staff and beneficiaries are forbidden, since they are based on inherently unequal power dynamics.

As member of Kampuchea Balopp’s staff or Advisory Board member I agree that:


  1. Conduct myself in a manner that is consistent the values of Kampuchea Balopp;
  2. Treat all children and young people with respect;
  3. Provide a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for all children, young people, parents, staff and volunteers;
  4. Keep confidential all information that I am party to regarding the children, my work, Kampuchea Balopp or other parties as designated by them and according to reporting procedures.
  5. Respect cultural differences.
  6. Encourage open communication between all children, young people, parents, staff and volunteers and have children and young people participate in the decisions that affect them.
  7. Report any concerns of child abuse.
  8. Be transparent in my actions and whereabouts.
  9. Take responsibility for ensuring I am accountable and do not place myself in positions where there is a risk of allegations being made.
  10. Self-assess my behavior, actions, language and relationships with children.
  11. Report any concerns or suspicions regarding abuse by a fellow worker, whether in the same agency or not, via Kampuchea Balopp reporting mechanisms.


  1. Engage in behavior that is intended to shame, humiliate, belittle or degrade children, other staff members or volunteers.
  2. Use inappropriate, offensive or discriminatory language when speaking with a child or young person.
  3. Do things of a personal nature that a child can do for him/herself, such as assistance with toileting or changing clothes.
  4. Take children to my home/hotel or sleep in the same room or bed as a child*.
  5. Hit or physically assault children.
  6. Develop sexual relationships with children or relationships with children that may be deemed exploitative or abusive.
  7. Behave provocatively or inappropriately with a child. Hold, kiss, cuddle or touch a child in an inappropriate, unnecessary or culturally insensitive way.
  8. Seek to make contact and or spend time with any child that I come into contact with in my role as a representative of Kampuchea Balopp outside of the designated times and activities set for performing my role as a representative of Kampuchea Balopp*.
  9. Condone or participate in behavior of children that is illegal, unsafe or abusive.
  10. Act in a way that shows unfair and differential treatment of children*.
  11. Photograph or video a child without the consent of the child and his/her parents or guardians.
  12. Release or discuss any personal confidential information about suspected or proven child abuse or protection cases other than the appropriate authorities and other parties as designated by them and according to reporting procedures.
  13. Use Kampuchea Balopps’s computers, mobile phones, video and cameras inappropriately, nor use them for the purpose of exploiting or harassing children.
  14. Hire minors as domestic labor.

* These clauses do not refer to a staff member’s own children or children in the legal care of a staff member.

I have carefully read Kampuchea Balopp’s Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct and discussed its contents with my supervisor in order to understand it clearly. I will comply with the values of Kampuchea Balopp and I am aware that Kampuchea Balopp expects me to uphold at all times the standards of behavior described in the Code of Conduct above. I also understand that disciplinary measures and legal steps will be taken in case of non-compliance.