Grassroots rugby at its best

Since its creation in 2012, Kampuchea Balopp (embrace the ball in Khmer) is a French registered non-profit organization that works in Cambodia assisting disadvantaged and disabled children to develop and build themselves through sports. Non-political, non-religious and non-profit, Kampuchea Balopp is registered as an association in France and is currently in the process of registering in the Kingdom of Cambodia. Our objective is to use sport as a tool of social inclusion and education for children. Through sports and Rugby in particular, children are able to develop essential human qualities like sharing, mutual respect, tolerance, team spirit and team work, as well as other social skills.

[Balopp] translates as “embrace the ball“ but means RUGBY in Khmer.

Making children smile with sports

Although Cambodia is a fast growing country, public schools and non-governmental organizations are unable to provide sufficient access to physical education. A broad lack of resources such as funding, facilities, public transportation, manpower, “Will” are recurrent, and deprive children from basic sports activities. Thirty-one percent of the population in 2011 is between 0-14 years old (World Bank Data).