A Happy Kampuchea Balopp

Kampuchea Balopp are incredibly honoured to announce specially commissioned artworks by Stephane Delapree (Stef) for the organisation which was unveiled this week at the Business Lunch with Brice Dulin at the Sofitel, Phnom Penh on Monday 30th June 2014.

Famously known for operating the Happy Cambodia Gallery and his Happy Painting artwork depicting distinctive bright, cartoonish style scenes of everyday life in Cambodia, in which all the characters, even the animals, have smiley faces, Kampuchea Balopp is proud to now have smiley rugby playing Cambodians added to the happy collection.

A French-born Canadian artist, Stef moved to Cambodia around 1993 and has gone on to receive national and international acclaim and for his distinctive artwork and has exhibited in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, India, Malaysia and Singapore with commissioned artworks around the globe.

Stef had the following to say “As the artist who has been in this Kingdom the longest, as the only artist who paints a smiling and popular image of Cambodia, it was a must to do for me, to try to help a little bit in my humble way, the generous action for one of the kindest men I have met here, Nicolas Olivry, who represents Kampuchea Balopp.” (Nicolas Olivry is co-founder and Executive Fundraising Manager for Kampuchea Balopp). “Kampuchea Balopp’s youth development program is a great opportunity for poor kids to learn the respect of rules, challenges, team spirit, etc. It is great.“

One unique large piece is available (to be purchased by any buyer with a reasonable offer) depicting Cambodians at a rugby line-out and framed by many happy smiling Cambodian children hand in hand. If the piece is not sold it will be kept for a special Kampuchea Balopp function and auctioned with funds going back into the program.

Stef Happy Painting for Kampuchea Balopp (Large)

The smaller artwork depicting three happy Cambodian children running with a rugby ball will be reprinted on childrens sized T-shirts and will be available to be purchased from Kampuchea Balopp from August 2014.

Stef Happy Painting for Kampuchea Balopp T-Shirt Reprinting

If you are interested in purchasing the artwork or have more questions about the pieces please contact: Steve Noble (Communication Manager) or Nicolas Olivry

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